another snippet of the jalex size!kink cos i really like you guys bUT THIS IS THE LAST ONE YOU’RE GETTING UNTIL IT’S FINISHED. feedback pls i’m still slightly unsure about it but it’s coming along.

Jack licked his lips as he watched the older male, letting his eyes focus on Alex’s stomach muscles moving just a little, the way his ribs pushed through his skin when he stretched like that. His nipples, how stiff they were in the cool air. The dips and curves of his shoulders. Damn. Sometimes Jack forgot that Alex was actually a super-hot brunette bombshell, Jesus Christ. 

Alex saw him staring and gave a breathy laugh, relaxing his muscles and then sitting up.  

"You were in there an awfully long time, were you masturbating again?" he grinned.

"No!" Jack said indignantly, and surprisingly, it was the truth.

"You always do it in the shower at the hotels though," Alex smirked, eyeing him suggestively.
"How do you know that?!"
"Didn’t until just you flipped out just there," he said, spluttering with laughter. "So, you were?"
"No! I mean, yeah, I do, but, I mean, I wasn’t this time, I was tired, I was just— I haven’t had a really good shower in a long time," Jack rambled, flustered and slightly embarrassed, though he wasn’t sure why.
"No wonder you smelt so terrible, wow," Alex joked, extending his leg to nudge Jack with his foot.
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